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App to acquire opt-ins and insights

Empower your FF to build out your customer database quickly and effectively

Highp Engagement Platform offers dedicated app called “Datuso” for perfect opt-in. App can be installed on your representative ipad or iphone. You can install that app on Conference Host ipad, to acquire more new customers during conferences.

Why you need Datuso?

  • Sync process is bulletproof. You will never loose data.
  • All data is synced in real time – if you are online – in background
  • All changes are tracked field by field
  • Connect your app with automation and send automatic invitations or responses based on detailed fields in forms
  • You can change your form in real time from web admin panel
  • Keep your data tidy. We save external-ids to update your masterdata (salesforce, ims, veeva, other crm)