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Automatic PowerPoint reports from your marketing campaign? Now possible.

Find out how to deliver personalized video campaign with slick PowerPoint reports

According to a discussion on, daily reporting occupies from 20 to 40 minutes of manager’s time.

Good news: he can quickly replace this tiresome task by more productive work or an enjoyable coffee break. All this thanks to automatic reporting.

highp il PP reporting

Of course, there are many apps which simply transform your data into reports – first you type all your statistics into the program and then it generates a report. But are there any concrete systems delivering automatic reports from sales & marketing promotional campaigns? Providing information about: how successful your message, promotion, an advertisement was. And, most importantly, are there tools reporting in PowerPoint, as most of us use that tool to present campaign results in the business environment. Here’s what I’ve found.

Marketing Tools with automatic PP reporting


Stores loads of marketing research data for unlimited, interactive reports. Gives you insight on website’s SEO results and helps you organize and store an entire link building campaign for content outreach. Integrates over 20 data sources, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).


Provides insights and overview on marketing channel costs. Takes all your advertising cost data from ad platforms, social channels etc. and adds website analytics data to them. In the final stage Funnel counts cost per transaction and return on ad spends, so your creativity can finally be counted and you can effectively prepare advertisement budgets.


This tool has a double functionality: not only is it a creative video messenger, boosting sales and marketing SMS campaigns to a  55% open rate, but it also generates automatic PowerPoint reports during and after the campaign (with up to 10 slides concerning campaign stats). Depending on campaign results, Highp retrieves concrete data and shows the essential numbers on infographics and statistics, like Highp to Mailchimp open-rate comparison or SMS vs. mail and also stats about message attachments and percentage of positive feedback.



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