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Delivering a proper customer experience

Delivering good customer experience seems a bit more difficult in pharma than in any other industry. In the digital era, pharma is trying to change its approach from product-centric to customer-centric, however, the change is moving slowly. Today’s customers have very high expectations, shaped by other industries e.g. travel or retail. There’s no doubt that non-pharma companies mastered recognizing the opportunities to connect with customers and fulfill their needs. Now it’s time for pharma companies to follow that path and deliver an exceptionally good experience to their clients. Companies must create a rich service, which engages customers and makes them stay loyal to the company longer.

Poor service is one of the fastest ways to lose customers. Consumers will always find an exit from slow and inconvenient experiences.


To create an engaging service and win in the pharma marketplace, companies must be aware of a few things. First of all, understanding what exactly customer experience is – a sum of all customer’s interactions with a company and overall experience gained with these interactions. Next comes understanding the complexity of the pharma industry, as there is more than one customer group and, last but not least, customer behavior changes quickly and constantly, so it is highly important to follow it.

Managing customer experience

The world surrounding customers is the world of information. They can easily get access to it and choose between a number of options, comparing the interactions with the company. Therefore, customer experience is no longer about delivering the best product – it’s about creating the experience around the product and company. To do so, the company must eliminate internal barriers and create a customer-centric culture at every level of the organization, so it can design a good customer experience.

Culturally, focusing on customer experience requires a complete rethink of how pharmaceutical companies interact with their customers.


The whole process of designing should start with setting the vision of organization after changing its approach to customer-centric. When the vision is set, it’s time to define strategic goals and priority segments, so company employees know exactly what’s most important and customers recognize the added value a company offers. During the whole process of reshaping the company’s approach, it is essential to observe customer behavior and, based on the data collected, target the right group of customers with the proper content at the right time. But most companies forget about one important factor – choosing the right channel.

Many companies, focused on the idea of multichannel, forget that the messages they send must be adjusted to the channel they use. Otherwise communicates will only clutter the channel and cause the open rate of future campaigns to be poor. Another thing is messages should be personalized, so the customers feel they’re addressed straight to them. Automation can help to add a natural flow to the conversation.

Michal Komorniczak
Global Sales and Marketing Director
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