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How Poles use SMS (text) communication?

According to data collected in “SMS communication in Poland in 2013″ research, SMS messages are the most universal and most gladly used communication channel among smartphone and regular phone users. 8 out of 10 Poles admit they send and receive text messages – 66% of them use short messages everyday.


Over 75% of survey participants think that – despite of mobile technology development and increasing sales of smartphones and tablets – SMS communication stays easy to use, fast and effective communication tool. Almost three fourths smartphone owners stated they prefer SMS messages more than mobile communicators.


Many of respondents consider SMS with promo info as interesting – even 36,6% of them is willing to get more such messages. 81,2% of respondents declare that SMS with shop promo info would make them visit store website or point of sale. Similar percentage of respondents (80,4%) declares that such SMS would convince them to visit stationary shop to get to know more of the products.


The respondents are most interested in discounts. Three fourths of them are interested in receiving promo SMS which allow to get discounts for their favourite products.

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