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The Highp Engagement Platform a solution to significant client service improvement.

There is a new, digital communication platform on the market. The goal is quality and client service improvement in each medical unit. The platform enables quick, direct and personalized communication which supports both physicians and administrators of medical unit.  Worth mentioning is that the platform works in an extremely easy and modern way.


How the platform works?

1. Patient registers on the digital platform by filling out a special form which allows to add a handwritten signature for data processing and acceptance. This data is stored and used only by given medical units without any interference from third parties.

2. After a physician’s appointment the patient gets a personalized and modern video message on his/her mobile with a thank-you note and a request for filling out a satisfaction survey. A video message is prepared by the treating physician or by medical unit administrators responsible for quality service. Patient can fill out a survey in which he/she can evaluate the appointment and present his expectations for future appointments.

3. All data gathered from patient is saved in real time and passed on to the administrator who has up to date records. Whenever a patient negatively evaluates his/her appointment, the medical unit is able to react quickly and clarify the situation. Given information helps medical units to avoid such situations in the future and at the same time improves the quality of client service.

4. The satisfaction survey can be modified and extended with additional elements. Subsequently consecutive messages can automatically be sent out to patients who already received a video message in order to emphasize customer care. Such processes highly support customer engagement and play an important role in influencing loyalty to the medical unit.

5. Additional information such as future appointments or procedures before specific medical examination can be added to the video messages at any time.

What’s more, the Highp Engagement Platform allows sending out messages with information about current and planned health campaigns. Educational programs to help patients look after their health can be added to further support the patient journey.

The Highp Engagement Platform has been successfully introduced in medical companies and medical units in over 20 countries. Highp has become an essential communication channel which focusing on customer care and supporting the information flow improvement between patients and medical units. The producer of the platform is a Polish company with headquarters in Warsaw.



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