Pay only for the actual results.

Buy one of our pre-paid packages. With unlimited time to spend credits. Credits will be deducted only after successful execution of your campaign. There are no license costs or software fees to worry about.

  • On demand

    Number of credits in the package
    4 000
  • Starter

    Number of credits in the package
    15 000
  • Pro

    Number of credits in the package
    75 000
  • Enterprise

    Number of credits in the package
    250 000

Pricing FAQ

Which Package is for me?

We recommend that you contact our sales team to get a comprehensive quote. To estimate it yourself simply count the number your customers times the number of planned campaigns and multiply the result by 3. You will then arrive with the number of credits that you will require.

How many customers can I reach with Highp?

With Highp you can reach unlimited number of customers. Average Highp message open rate ranges anywhere from 35%-55%.

How many credits should I purchase?

With Highp you can send unlimited number of messages. Good news is that you pay only for the actual results (opened message, opened attachment, contact request from a customer).

Depending on the quality of your customers database, you can expect that approximately 35% of your customers will open and view the Highp message, 10% will open the attachment and 5% will request to be contacted.

Your calculation should be as follows: 1000 customers * 35% open rate * 5 credits + 100 opened attachments * 7 credits + 50 contact requests * 10 credits = 1750+700+500=2950 credits. You can start with On Demand package and later expand to Starter or Pro package, where you can buy credits for even less. It pays off to use Highp!

What is the cost of sending one message through Highp?

You will not be charged for sending Highp messages, instead you will only pay for the actual results: 5 credits for every opened message, 7 credits for every opened attachment, 10 credits for every contact request from a customer. Highp was built as a direct marketing tool, with ‘’On Demand’’ package being the entry level pricing option.
Value of credits charged may vary based on individual enterprise agreement.

Does the number of attachments that I plan to send through Highp influences the number of credits that I need to purchase?

There is no cost associated with uploading or sending attachments through Highp. You will only pay for the actual results: 7 credits will be deducted when one or more attachments are opened.

Can I receive a refund for my unused credits?

Your credits don’t have an expiration date, however once purchased they cannot be refunded.

What are the key factors for a successful Highp campaign?

Although open rates provide some insight, it is also important to look at the big picture. We recommend using the following metrics when evaluating the success of your campaign:

  • Number of leads generated from Highp campaign
  • Revenue generated as a result of Highp campaign
  • ROI (ie. cost divided by revenue) of Highp campaign
  • Total number of sales per Highp campaign

How can I track the number of credits available to me?

After logging into the system, number of available credits will be displayed under the billing section.

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