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Get access to customers beyond email

Highp video messaging will help you engage more customers successfully


An innovative global biopharmaceutical enterprise, present on more than 175 markets, with more than 29 000 employees. Its main activities focus on areas with high demand for particular medical products, including neurology, immunology, oncology, women’s diseases, chronic renal failure or viral hepatitis.


Our Client has difficulties in finding effective L&D solutions, that will answer both employees’ and employers’ needs and be cost-efficient at the same time. The amount of information that needs to be processed and put through very often outgrow companies’ capabilities. Cost and time restriction were critical factors against regular onsite training. 

Our work

We developed a series of micro-learning audio podcasts delivered via Highp messages to representatives. Short interactive educational message employees’ productivity, as well as cut costs, decrease the amount of average time an employee spends on self-development and it will be a valuable asset in the employer branding process. Already, more than 270 representatives are in continuous micro-learning process.

„We want to implement a new idea of training in the digital age. We believe that the best tool to do that are Highp video messages, which can be delivered at any time and place, only on condition that the recipients use smartphones on daily basis. This gives a wide range of opportunities in conducting training –the content can be adjusted to Client’s current needs and Sales Representatives can be up-to-date with all the necessary information almost immediately.” – says Client.

In modern marketing gaining leads from your campaign is as crucial as campaign itself. You push message to gain personal requests from your customers. We use for this Call To Action buttons and all actions that customer can interact with message and presentation. In real-time.

Empowering your representatives

We all believe that people-to-people relation in business is still crucial. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is almost impossible to run product promotion without field force. The process of transferring knowledge and changing the behavior of your customer is long term and risky investment. We believe that modern representative can be much more efficient with new set of tools in his iPad or iPhone from Highp

Automation in real-time

The magic will happen behind the courtains. If you create a message, include call to action button, you can design reaction of the system to each customer actions.

You can inform your field force representative about next call request or automaticaly send further messages to your customer. Perfectly alignt to customer demand.

The Message

Highp video message delivers excellent customer experience thanks to an innovative approach to personalized video messaging. Combining multiple technologies and communication patterns, Highp can deliver more interactions with customers, provide true customer feedback and provide information about customer requests in real-time. What is the most important – no app installation is required on the customer side.

The Invitation

The first part of Highp video message is the invitation – send both text (SMS) and email. We are adding more channels to be available soon, including invitation via Facebook messenger. You can personalize every invitation for stronger CTR.

The content

Every invitation message includes unique link that opens in default devices browser. No app installation is required. It’s easy and intuitive for a customer. Content may consist of multiple pages, each page consist of multiple content format. Including text, images, video, pdf attachments, video presentations and call to actions. Highp takes cares of best customer experience on any device – so you don’t need to take care of responsive web design.

Video personalization

Highp enables to add personal video from a representative. This video may be recorded by a representative. Built-in compliance safety checks make personal video messaging a powerful format – include greetings, post-visit minutes of the meeting, thank you notes and call for actions to your predefined messages.

Call to action and feedback

Would you like to know in real time what is your customer emotional feedback? Highp can deliver both feedback and customized call to actions.  These elements can trigger important additional activities that you design can design in Highp Assistant.

Video presentations

Insert your Highp video presentations into the message in one click. You can create your video commented presentations using PowerPoint add-on, iPad app or using online designer. Video comments to each slide make your presentation solid clear and easy to understand to a customer.

The designer

The video message is designed in message designer is easier than writing a word document. Message designer will take care how the message will be visible on any device, large screens of PC and MACs, smaller tablets and small mobile devices. Every time best customer experience with perfectly scaled video, images, and fonts.

Enterprise analytics

Get all customer interactions with the message. Inspect which representatives perform the best with customers and build the solid relationship both real and digital channels. Track both content and representative performance KPIs. Provide an essential content recommendation based on customer feedback.

Export your row data in real-time for advanced analytics and insights. All data is available in real-time for built-in marketing automation.

Empower representative

Highp can deliver your messages using your relation with customer.


Create a campaign to be sent on behalf of your representatives to customers. Your customers will receive a personalized email from each of your sales representative with video content including KOL statements.


Create a campaign that will be available to you representatives in the Highp app. This is the perfect solution to deliver follow-up messaging or truly personal approach to the customer, where your representative can add a personal video to a predefined message just before sending it to the customer.


Multiple important compliance challenges are addressed with Highp.

  • You can add script that representative has to follow during the video recording
  • You can prevent viewing multiple times same video – we call it self-destruct video message.
  • You can suppress sending immediately representative video message before accepting video

Advanced targeting

Next step of every campaign is to create your recipients’ list. You can use advanced filters to choose the right customers for your campaign, including the insights, historical activities, and relation with representative.

When a list is done, Highp will take care of everything. We will sync in real time your messages with your representatives Highp app so that they can use them on-demand

  • We will sync in real time your messages with your representatives Highp app so that they can use them on-demand
  • We will deliver messages on the right time to right people in multiple channels.
  • We will track all actions that customer will trigger. Including
  • We will monitor all actions that customer will trigger. Including channel, he opens message (email or text), when he plays, pause and finish viewing a video, clicks attachments and call to action button. You don’t have to configure anything.

How to run effective presentations with customers ?

We have found that great presentation is the presentation that will change your customer behavour. The goal of each presentation is to transfer knowledge and understand customer next call.

We have created new integrated presentation system to empower your representatives, design and multichannel team.

Highp Presentation App

One application to run face to face meetings, remote meetings, and group presentations. We blended all functions together so your representatives can work anywhere, anytime, on site and remotely with customers

The new presentation format

Your presentation is now nonlinear with pre-recorded video commentaries to each slide. Your commercial pitch will be supported by video commentary of the expert. For internal and external education purpose video commented format is perfect for quick production and effective self-education. Decision-based education with expert support is one of the most effective knowledge transfer methodologies.

video presentation app

Interact and align

If you have the library of presentations consisting of many slides, it’s important to quickly align to audience needs during the presentation. With Highp video presentation you as a presenter can quickly jump to the right presentation, right slide or agenda. Build in simple A/B/C decisions will help you conduct interactive presentations. Drawing feature, video playback control and support of pre-recorded commentary to the slides will empower your representatives to make much more reliable and effective presentations.

Gather customer requests

During the presentation, your customers and employees can gather more information. These crucial data can be incorporated into customer journey automation and be followed by additional actions helping your brand to keep in touch with customers and react to their needs.

Remote meeting or Video conference

It’s one click away – start your presentation ‘on air’ and all invited customers will be able to join remotely presentation from any device. Video and audio of your representative will be transmitted from iPad or iPhone. Your customers can use with confidence a mic in their devices to join the dialog – no necessary to call-in with a phone.

No app installation is required from the customer. It works like magic on most modern browsers, including safari, chrome, firefox.

Perfect group meeting

If you need to make a presentation in a group of customers, connect your iPhone or iPad (wireless or cable) to projector or screen. Highp video presentation will show intro screen while your representative can setup a meeting.

Use Apple Watch to change slides from the stage.


We want everyone to be able to create powerful presentations. We all have content and knowledge. It might be your creative agency, medical team, multichannel specialists or marketing team.

Everyone knows how to use Powerpoint. Making next generation presentations starts from here.

Microsoft Powerpoint Add-on

You can download for free from Office Store our DBE Video presentation add-on.

Video presentation designer app

We love to use our video presentation designer application for iPad. It’s fastest way to record video commentaries to your slides, change slides paths or add, remove slides from presentations.

Online designer

Where ever you are, on PC or MAC, you can use our online designer to work on slides from web panel.

Highp video presentation for websites

Video presentations for multichannel

It was our goal to reuse presentations for a multichannel purpose. With one click you can export the presentation to a website or share it with a public or internal link.

With export to html5 formats, you can easily embed the presentation in your current website or CLM systems like Veeva or IMS.


From Microsoft PowerPoint to Veeva in few clicks. It’s efficient and easy.

Global support

Video presentations are used by best pharmaceutical companies around the world. You can expect superb training and support from consultants.

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