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Get access to customers beyond email

Highp video messaging will help you engage more customers successfully

Your customers will thank you.
Just stop sending boring emails.

Highp helps you engage more HCPs, patients, and employees successfully thanks to new rich-in-features app-like message format. You will deliver a great customer experience with no-hassle of app installation by the customer. Super fast.

Reach more customers

You can  reach more customers with less resources faster using video messaging. Highp offers highly efficient real-time and pre-approved  video messaging to improve remote relationship and brand positioning.

Highp is the ideal choice for organizations already using Veeva, Salesforce, Adobe or OCE.

Services beyond the email

Highp will help you offer customers high quality added-value communication services they are asking for. You will get rich functionality, superb customer experience, available on any smartphone, pc or mac, with no need to install any apps by customers.


With Highp you can build highly personalized digital services that will seamlessly align with your customers’ journey.

Highp services can be triggered automatically or directly by field force as part of your sales and support communication with customers. As a result, your brand will provide improved customer experience along with content fully aligned to your customer’s needs.

We will help you deliver an exceptional customer experience


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Access your customers everywhere with a friendly smile

Highp’s innovative use of video technology allows for personalized rich media message to be delivered to your customer smartphones using both text (SMS) or email directly to their mobile phones with no app installation required. You can use Highp to extend Approved Email or Marketing Cloud, too.

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