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Highp is the new digital platform that delivers customer experience beyond the face to face visits

Introducing a new way of engaging with your customers

Highp is a digital platform designed for high-performance teams. Highp enables your organization to offer versatile services that re-ignite business growth through continuous digital communication.

Highp new digital communication formats offer rich functionality to all of your customers, on any smartphone without a need to install any app. Highp empowers your salespeople to access more customers and provide everytime outstanding customer service.

With Highp you can create multiple customer journeys that will automatically align your customers’ preferences and actions with your brand marketing strategy, provide higher credibility of content and relationship.

Highp offers an exceptional customer experience

Account-Based campaigns

Product launch




Highp’s innovative use of video technology allows for personalised rich media message to be delivered to your customer smartphones via text message or email.

Access customers everywhere

  • Most of your customers already use smartphones.
  • We will help you to access
    your customers using a message, presentation or remote call.
  • Highp is a breakthrough business tool for effective sales communication.
  • No app installation is required!


We have re-defined the format of the traditional presentation in order to help you deliver your next pitch in a more credible and effective way – across all channels, whether it is a face to face visit, roundtable or remote meeting. The remote feature is finally one-click away from your slide deck. Your team can reach more customers any time, anywhere. With pre-approved content and embedded analytics, we help your sales and marketing team to keep safe, understand customers and measure outcomes in real time.

  • Non-linear paths of presentation
  • Video commented slides
  • Instant customer feedback
  • Embed your presentation in a message, website or CLM
  • Design your content in PowerPoint faster and more convenient than any other way
  • Delight customers and representatives with simple all-in-one presentation app for face to face meetings, group presentations, and remote detailing
  • Complete analytics will help you run the team on solid KPIs

Real-time reporting


Get all about your customers including insights, opt-ins and interactions for perfect next call to action


Get all of representatives activities on customers’ to build new KPIs and achive faster and broader goals


Understand your customer with a detailed list of all activities in real-time.

Trusted by companies just like yours

Enterprise companies are looking to improve sales effectiveness, reduce resources and cut costs. Highp Engagement Platform converts more efficiently actions into sales.


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